Wild Women Writing Challenge

Wild Women Writing Challenge

Get 40 days of original, provocative writing prompts.

Overcome writer's block, establish a daily practice, generate a fresh stack of new writing, and join our amazing global community of wild women writers.

Why do you need a 40-day writing challenge?

An extended writing challenge, such as the Wild Women 40-Day Writing Challenge, can improve your practice (and maybe your personality!) in a myriad of ways!

  • Form a Habit. If you want to succeed as a writer, you have to show up to work. This challenge will get you in the habit of writing daily.
  • Generate New Work. 40 days + 40 prompts = 40 new pieces of writing to share, publish, and craft into future projects!
  • Share and Critique. Our challenge comes with a dedicated private forum where you can share your writing and get/give feedback.

Here's what students are saying about this course:

“Heather comes across like we imagine the true craft masters do: wise, practiced, compassionate and still curious. She helped me feel like a thing I’ve been dreaming about is not only possible, but just around the corner for me.”

“Heather Jo has hit on something special. As a woman it important for me to write and I’m enjoying the topics she has chosen. I deeply appreciate the supportive, friendly space Heather has created and am finding it enthralling and liberating to read, write and share in this group.”

“I started the challenge to work on a personal writing blockage. The problem for me is not the writing itself, but how to write something from my authentic self and take the step to share it with the unknown. This course is helping me to take the leap and trust the process, and I am so happy about it. I have been writing every early morning, and the day continues with so much inspiration. Somehow it is also helping me to communicate better and it has been supportive to the rest of my work as well. Thank you, Heather Jo!”

I ask folks to make a voluntary contribution of $10-$50, sliding scale, for this 40-day, all-original writing challenge. 

Payment is absolutely optional, and your generosity helps fund free permaculture courses for people all over the world. You'll have your choice of prices when you enroll. ​​

Payments are processed in USD, through a secure, encrypted portal.

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