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Wild Women Writing Challenge

Wild Women Writing Challenge

42 Sections

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Day 2: R/evolution

Day 3: Women Who Inspire

Day 4: What Do Women Want?

Day 5: Unrequited Love

Day 6: Imposter Syndrome

Day 7: Barbie or no Barbie?

Day 8: Word Selfie

Day 9: Food, Glorious Food!

Day 10: Boundaries

Day 11: Favorite Things

Day 12: Transformation

Day 13: You Write Funny

Day 14: Fear (and Freedom)

Day 15: Signal Boost

Day 16: No Place Like Home

Day 17: Poverty Mind, Colonized Mind

Day 18: Speed Prompts!

Day 19: Chicken Soup

Day 20: Ancestors

Day 21: Phenomenology

Day 22: Happenstance

Day 23: Empowerment? Or just marketing?

Day 24: Aparigraha

Day 25: Residue

Day 26: Anger

Day 27: Writing the Body

Day 28: Muffin Top

Day 29: Little Conversations

Day 30: Vulnerability

Day 31: Promiscuity

Day 32: Sisterhood

Day 33: Travel

Day 34: Coming of Age

Day 35: Viva Mujeres!

Day 36: Heroes and Heroines

Day 37: Relationship

Day 39: the Exit

Day 40: Inquiry

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