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Permaculture Beginner's Toolkit

Permaculture Beginner's Toolkit

The Permaculture Beginner's Toolkit contains everything a beginner needs to get started with permaculture! Join the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when this resource is available.

6 Sections

Getting Started with Permaculture

First let's make sure you understand what permaculture is, and what it can do.

More than Gardening: Whole Systems Design

Connect the plants with every other aspect of your life and see how it all links together.

Access to Land and Site Selection

How to find a site, choose a site, and/or make the most of where you live now.

Reading the Land, Reading the People

Observation, assessment, and documentation are at the core of any design project.

A Permaculture Design Process

A step-by-step pattern that can be applied to any design on any scale.

Next Steps and Extra Resources

Learn more, go deeper, and choose your own adventure!

Sections for this course 6

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